Web Videos/Podcast Content:

"Christopher, Amazing job on this project! Your voice sounds wonderful and you are very professional to work with! Thank you for the high quality work. 5+ stars!"

"Easy to work with. Efficient and quick turnaround time. Loved working with Chris!"

"Great read and a VERY fast turnaround over the weekend!"

 "Fantastic read on the first submission and impressive turn around time. Many thanks!"

"Awesome Job. Produced exactly what we were looking for!"

"Excellent read! Thank you for making the revisions."

"SUPER FAST!!! Great read, A+"

"I am very impressed, both by the service and the professionalism and sound of the actors voice :) Job well done indeed!!!"

"Fast turn around. Promising result!"

"Great voice, excellent turnaround time. Thanks!"

"Nailed it on the first take. Great job."

"Great job, man. You really got the vibe down."

 "Thanks, great!"

"Christopher was wonderfully flexible and professional. Exceeded our expectations. Thanks Chris."


Corporate Reads:

"Better than I imagined. Perfect timbre for business reads."

"Thank you for the read and your flexibility!"

"Took feedback really well, incorporated it into each read. The sound quality is top notch in terms of tone and EQ of the recording itself. My favorite part about this voice was his timeliness. He got revisions to me within a couple hours. Very pleased. Thank you!"

"Nice work!"

"Extremely fast and professional quality. This Voice Actor... made my day. Thank you very much!"

"Fantastic read on the first submission and impressive turn around time. Many thanks!"

"Excellent job with direction and instructions. Great voice."

"Great read and fast, as always!"

"Great work!"

"Timely and professional."

"Christopher was great voice and passionate reader. Willing to go the extra mile."

"Amazing work, Christopher! You have a stellar voice and know how to use it. Keep it up!"

"Great VO artist and everything delivered super fast!"

"Outstanding read and nailed it first time! And quick turnaround!"

Great work as always! Fast turnaround! Thanks"

Animation/Video Games:  

"Took a listen through and found that the middle is very similar to the original. So it is all good. Thanks again, and I hope to hire you again in the future."

"Spot on! The scenes are playing in my head now as I listen to your recordings. Thanks again."

"Some of the "kill confirmed" and "domination" lines make him sound really cocky - which is good..."